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History and current status of the node

The Norwegian EMBnet node was established in 1988, at the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo. The establishment of the node took place in response to the formation of the European Molecular Biology Network, organized by the EMBL. The network was seen as a way of bringing information to and from individual users working on national laboratories and the EMBL Data Library in Heidelberg which is now located at EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute), an EMBL outstation in Cambridge, UK.

Since August 2012, the services of EMBnet Norway belong to the University of Oslo Research Computing Services group. The facility maintains an up to date mirror of the major Bioinformatics databases as well as some less common ones upon request. If you feel we could help your research then please do not hesitate to contact the Node Manager George Magklaras. For a more detailed discussion of the node services, visit the services page.


The node utilises a range of servers and storage systems. In total, 64 Xeon cores, 320 Gigabytes of RAM and 30 Tbytes of storage are available for the users.

The EMBnet Norway Web Servers

This web site is divided amongst three machines, each of which is running the APACHE Web Server on a RedHat Enteprise LINUX Operating System.


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