Terms and Conditions for the Usage of Computing Resources at the Norwegian EMBNET node


After successfully obtaining a user identity for EMBNET Norway, you should follow a predefined set of rules every time you use its computing resources. These rules are designed for your own convenience and protect the content of your data as well as you right to use the resources with other node users in an ordered manner. Failure to comply with the conditions listed below might result in a written warning or the suspension of your account, depending on the circumstances.


1.Usage of account and login details and Account Security

I) You should not disclose your account details (login and password) to other persons. Under no circumstances, you should share your account with other people, whether you 'trust' them or not.

II) You should make an effort to change your password at least once every three months for account security purposes. If you don't the node manager retains the right to warn you about the need to do so. If you still fail to change your password after the warning, EMBNET Norway retains the right to temporarily suspend your account by assigning automatically a new password for you. In this case, you will need to phone the node to get your new password, quoting your Norwegian National Number where applicable.

III) Never disclose your password in any correspondence (e-mail, post, FAX) you have with the node or any other administrative entity. The node and all University System Administrators will NEVER need to know your password to resolve technical problems. Your username is the only thing they will ever need to resolve account queries. Consequently, if someone asks for your password, be very suspicious!

IV) If you suspect that your account has been compromised, you should immediately contact the node administrator via email: admin@embnet.uio.no  or via Telephone 22840535, stating any symptoms that you believe may suggest that your account has been compromised. If you discovered the breach outside office hours or a National Holiday, send urgently an e-mail to cert@usit.uio.no , quoting your username.



2.Usage of disk space

I) The node provides for you a certain amount of disk storage space, in order to keep safely data related to your scientific work. The amount of disk space is stated in your login details form with the term 'Disk quota limit'. You should make every effort NOT to exceed that limit. If you do so, you might be unable to login and the node will warn you when you have exhausted 95% of your allocated disk space.

II) Although it is up to you to decide what you are going to store in you user area, you should not use the disk space to store one of the following:


- Images, movies of sexually explicit character of any nature.

- Pirate software (programs, movies) that results from peer-to-peer (P2P) file 

  swapping activities.


You should understand that the node manager has the right to perform sporadic checks on the contents of your home directory, to prevent these activities. If we suspect that you are breaking this rule we shall contact you and ask you to acknowledge the existence of suspicious content in your home drive and request that you remove it immediately from our servers. If you fail to do so, EMBNET Norway will permanently suspend your account.

III) Although every effort is made to protect the availability, privacy and integrity of your data, the storage of financially sensitive information (credit card numbers, bank account details and passwords) using our disk space is NOT recommended. In a potential security breach, the node will NOT compensate you for any damage resulting from the unauthorised disclosure of this type of information.

IV) The node retains the right to scan your home directory for the presence of computer viruses and other types of malicious code. Consequently, if one or more of your files contain malicious code, the node retains the right to automatically disinfect the affected files without warning. This may result in the corruption or total loss of one or more files in your home directory.


3.Usage of CPU time

Many bioinformatics applications are computationally intensive and require large amounts of CPU time and RAM. Consequently, the node retains the right to administer the priority of computations by means of queuing systems and this might affect the time it takes to receive your results. However, if your computational needs are urgent, you can contact the node manager, explaining the urgency and requesting the possibility of your job receiving a higher priority in the system.


4.Your Desktop System and your local IT infrastructure:

The node prompts you to make sure that the computer system(s) you employ to log in to this service contain the latest software patches, in order to prevent faulty behavior and security breaches in the process of using the service. For this matter, you should always consult your local IT specialist. In rare cases, if your local IT infrastructure is causing a problem that affects (or might affect) the proper operation of our service, the node retains the right to temporarily suspend your account. In this case, you will receive a warning notice, prior to the temporary suspension of your account.


5.Account suspension due to long-term inactivity:

If you don't use the service for more than twelve months, the node retains the right to temporarily suspend your account for security purposes. You will then need to phone the node to re-activate the account and obtain a new password. All the contents of your home drive will be preserved.


6.Renewing your EMBNET account:

Your EMBNET Norway account remains valid until you explicitly request its termination (see Rule number 7 below). Consequently, you need to do nothing to renew your existing account. However, please note that if you do not login for 12 months, your account will be temporarily suspended, as stated in rule no. 5.


7.Termination of your EMBNET account:

If you wish to terminate your EMBNET account, you will need to send a signed letter to the node manager (the postal address is written in your registration form or on our web site), stating:

·        Username and registration reference code written in your 'Login Details' form.

·        The date on which you wish to stop using the account.

·        Whether we can safely delete the contents of your home drive.


On reception of this letter, we will verify your details and send a confirmation (via e-mail) of your account termination.


8.If you wish to complain

If you are not happy with the level of service or wish to criticize any operational aspect of the node, your comments are welcome and will be considered carefully. Please send an e-mail to admin@embnet.uio.no stating the nature of your problem





Registration to EMBNET Norway


This is the Norwegian EMBNET node registration form. Please fill in ALL the requested details. You should also read the enclosed 'Terms and Conditions for the Usage of Computing Resources of the Norwegian EMBNET node' page.  If you agree, please sign the form and post a printed copy to the following address:


EMBNET Node Registrations

The Norwegian EMBNET Node

The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo,

Gaustadaleen 21, 0349 OSLO

P.O. BOX 1125


You should allow for up to five working days, in order to get in touch with you and discuss your login details.

User Details:

-First name:


-Middle Name:


-Last Name:


-'Fødselsnummer' for Norwegian Nationals or Residents (11 digits):


-Contact email address:


-Contact Postal Address:


-Contact Telephone Number:


-Do you belong to a Norwegian Public Academic Institution? (Yes/No):


-Please provide below an overview of the Bioinformatics Applications you wish to use. You can also mention any special computational requirements (large data storage, request to install special software):



I have read, understood and accepted the 'Terms and Conditions for the Usage of Computing Resources of the Norwegian EMBNET node’ and I wish to obtain an account with EMBNET Norway.


Date:                                                      Signature: